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The Bird Dog Cutlery Pocket Knife is not your traditional folding knife.  Though designed so it can easily be carried in a hip pocket, knapsack or purse, this is a fixed blade knife.  Why? The folding mechanism on traditional pocket knives wears out and the blades become loose over time. This single blade Pocket Knife is easily carried in a pocket without the bulkiness of a typical multi-blade “Army Knife”.  The Bird Dog Cutlery knife offers all the convenience of a small knife but with a high carbon steel, extremely sharp and durable blade. Each knife comes with a custom, handmade leather sheath.

  • made of 1095 high carbon steel for its strength, durability and edge holding
  • knives comes with a custom, handmade leather sheath

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Care Instructions

Bird Dog Cutlery knives are made of high carbon steel that provides strength and durability but also holds an edge for a long time.  Unlike standard stainless steel blades which are not as strong and will dull quickly, blades should be maintained to avoid rusting and tarnishing.  We recommend the following care of your Bird Dog Cutlery.

Blades:  keep them clean and dry (do not let air dry – use a dry towel).  Periodically use food grade mineral oil or food grade silicone to keep a very light coat of oil across the blade and to prevent rust.

Wood handle:  Our handles are finished with tung oil to which, after drying, a thin coat of carnauba wax is applied.  If the finish dulls or wears, it can be lightly sanded and light coats of tung oil applied until the desired finish returns.

Sharpening:  The Ken Onion Workshop Knife Sharpener, used correctly and only when required, is  an excellent tool for maintaining blade sharpness.  Other proven processes to sharpen the blade by hand can also be used with proper care.


Bird Dog Cutlery are handmade in the USA using high carbon steel, wood and other minerals such as brass. Knives come with a two (2) year Warranty against manufacturing defects from the date of purchase.  This is not a guarantee against normal wear-and-tear or misuse. The knife is a cutting tool; it is not a pry bar. A broken blade is generally a sign of misuse.

In the event that your knife fails due to a manufacturing defect, please contact Gumleaf USA with a description of the problem, the date of purchase, and photographs that may be helpful in assessing the damage.  Contact Gumleaf USA via our website: www.gumleafUSA.com

Claims should be returned for further evaluation.  If we deem the product to be faulty due to a manufacturing defect, we will either repair or replace the knife.  If a repair or exchange is not possible, we will provide a refund. If in our opinion, the product you return to us are not faulty, we will reject the Warranty claim and return the goods to you in the same condition that we received them.


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