Gumleaf Boot Care

Periodic cleaning and care of your new Gumleaf USA boots will ensure years of comfort and protect your investment.

Daily Care – To ensure a long and healthy lifespan for your boots, wipe them clean and rinse them with plain water, particularly after exposure to harsh or caustic conditions. Leave them to dry naturally away from direct sunlight or artificial heat sources such as radiators, hot pipes, fireplaces and stoves. Heat will dry the natural rubber causing them to eventually crack. Cool, dry conditions are best for the storage of your Gumleaf USA boots.

Boot Exterior – Your Gumleaf USA boots are made using high content natural rubber*. To protect the finish and maintain or restore its flexibility and water resilience, we recommend periodic cleaning of the boot’s exterior with cold, soapy water. Never use solvents. After cleaning, allow them to dry naturally.  Then, we strongly recommend application of a high-quality silicone oil.  Our go-to product is Grangers Rubber Boot Care.  It will help to restore the quality, finish and natural moisture-repelling properties of the rubber and is formulated with ingredients that actually work their way into the natural rubber.  The raw materials in Grangers has been extensively tested and do not have any negative long term effects on the natural rubber.  Apply Grangers Rubber Boot Care liberally over the entire surface and sole of the boot and spread using a soft dry cloth or fine sponge. Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals (such as ammonia and solvents) and rinse with water as quickly as possible after any such exposure.

Boot Interior – Your Gumleaf USA boots have a hand-stitched, neoprene or cotton lining that provides both warmth and comfort. Periodically rinsing the interior of your boots will help maintain an environment to keep your feet warm, dry and odor free. Fill the inside of your boot partially with warm water and a mild detergent. Squeeze the top of your boot closed with one hand and shake the boot vigorously for a few seconds. Empty the water and repeat. Allow 24-48 hours for the boot lining to dry. Placing a towel or crumpled newspapers inside the boot will absorb excess water and help accelerate initial drying time. Remove these after a few minutes and allow the lining to completely air dry in a cool place. Never place the boots near a heat source to dry!

Zippers, Gussets, and Vents – Some Gumleaf USA boots are equipped with zippers, gussets, or vents. Cleaning and occasional lubrication of these areas will help maintain the condition and comfort of your Gumleaf USA boots.

Zippers – We use only the finest YKK brand heavy-duty zippers in our Royal Zip boots. The zipper will benefit from occasional lubrication. We recommend the use of Gear Aid’s Zipper Lubricant every 3 to 6 months. This will help to maintain the ease with which the boot can be silently zipped up or down. Squeezing both sides of the zipper simultaneously will expose sections of the zipper at a time. Gear Aid’s Zipper Lubricant can then be easily brushed over both sides of the zipper. Work the zipper up and down several times after lubricating it.

Gussets and Expandable Vents – The Royal Zip has a gusset which is the flap or fold along the inside of the zipper. It helps to insure that the interior of the boot remains dry, even if the zipper is down. Cleaning the gusset prior to lubricating the zipper is recommended. The Viking Boot incorporates an expandable vent. Clean the gusset or vent by removing any dirt or excess debris and using a damp cloth or towel. Apply Grangers Rubber Boot Care periodically to the inside of the gusset (facing the zipper) or vent to maintain their soft, pliable condition. Polish with a clean cloth or towel and remove any excess.

Straps – Gumleaf USA boots such as the Royal Zip and Viking styles include a functional canvas strap to provide an optimal fit around the calf of your leg. Periodically clean the strap with water and mild detergent. Straps made of natural rubber will benefit by frequent treatment with Grangers Rubber Boot Care to maintain the soft, pliable condition of the rubber. Do not ‘muscle’ or over-tighten these straps as you can tear them apart from the boots.  Boots with torn straps from over tightening are not covered under Warranty.

Blooming – Occasionally, you may notice a white powdery “bloom” on your Gumleaf USA rubber boots. This is quite common in natural rubber and will not affect the performance or durability of your boots. Grangers Rubber Boot Care will help prevent blooming.

  • Gumleaf USA boots have a very high natural latex rubber content to which some people (less than 1%) are allergic.  If your skin breaks out in a rash or becomes itchy upon first trying your boots on inside, remove them and contact us for a free return.  Do not wear your boots outside or for any extended period.


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