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Natural Rubber Provides Protection While:

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With the Dog

Stay Dry & Comfortable

The objects of your obsessions live off the beaten path in the watery cattail sloughs of the Midwest, the birch and aspen cuts of the North Woods, and the sloppy Alder runs along your favorite creek bottom. You’ve planned your vacation all year to arrive on opening day, or when the leaves are their peak of color, or when you know the Woodcock migration should be at its peak. Don’t let foul weather and wet, uncomfortable feet steal a moment of enjoyment.

Upland Hunting Boots That Go The Distance
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Walk All Day

We at GumleafUSA share your passion for the outdoors and the enjoyment of Upland hunting. Produced using 85% natural rubber, our 100% waterproof boots are made for getting back off the trail. Air cushioning under the heel allows a full day’s walking to help find that new piece of cover where the birds hold tight and your dogs work as trained. Our non-slip sole has a deep tread for maximum grip and shreds mud, making sure that once you have gotten to the back 40, you can make it out again.

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We offer a range of Gumleaf styles that will fit any budget and make you the envy of everyone at bird camp this year. Getting your limit isn’t your goal, but being the only one finding birds may keep you from having to wash the dishes!

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