The Viking Tex for Men and Women

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Gumleaf no longer manufactures the Viking Tex boot which were cotton lined. We suggest you look at the Viking Neo, which are neoprene lined or consider one of the new Arxus USA styles such as the Pioneer, Primo Short, or the Jodhpur. All of these Arxus USA styles are cotton-lined. They are all hand made of all natural rubber.
The Viking Neo is a great for men who need extra room for under-layers or hunting pants. The expandable vent in the upper boot shaft accommodates up to 21-inches in circumference. Great for duck, deer, bird and turkey hunters, early season  and ice fishing, dog trainers, horseback riders, and workmen.   To maximize the durability of your Gumleaf USA boots and protect your investment, we highly recommend treating them at least 2 to 3 times per year with Granger’s Rubber Boot Care.  See your Owner’s Manual for care instructions.

  • 85% natural rubber resists cracking
  • Expandable top gusset is 100% waterproof
  • Accommodates up to 21″ calf circumference
  • Stitched in 5mm neoprene footbed stays put when removing boots
  • Air-cushioned heel and forefoot add comfort
  • High-performance, non-slip, custom Vibram sole with all-terrain grip
  • Natural rubber provides better grip in slippery conditions
  • Oil resistant
  • Adjustable canvas top strap for the perfect fit
  • Dark green with brown trim

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11 reviews for The Viking Tex for Men and Women

  1. Rives (verified owner)

    Fantastic, quality boots that are sure to last a lifetime. Plus, exceptional customer service (I emailed with sizing questions and they got it just right!). I am not a wilderness expert, but I do have a dog that loves to run and explore nature. These boots are comfortable enough for me to chase after her in fields, on trails, and even on the beach in the winter, and stylish enough for me to wear with skirts or dresses, or simply with coveralls in my garden. I purchased both the Viking Tex (for my mother) and the Viking Neo (for me). Both are great options–the Tex can be worn really all year round, with added warm socks in the winter if needed. The Neo is great for colder climates like where I live, as it has a little extra layer to keep the calves warm. I also have larger calves, so the adjustable calf area on these boots makes for added comfort with or without pants. As another reviewer wrote, these boots are worth every penny.

  2. Tristan Moorehead

    Great boots! I’ve had issues for a while now trying to find a great boot that’ll hold up to what input it through. While I’ve had some small issues with these boots I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase. Super comfortable and worth the money in my opinion. Great customer service to back it up as well which is in short supply these days. These boots hold up to turkey, rabbit, and upland hunting day after day and there’s very few other boots I take out into the field with me anymore.

  3. Nick Adair (verified owner)

    These boots are the real deal. I’ve hunted multiple seasons with them as well as working/training in them on the property year round. They’re comfortable and still fit as well as they did the first day I tried them on. This is after really putting them through their paces (I truly put these boots through some rough walks and cover). I did end up having some cracks and punctures in the boots after hunting season #2 but they were my fault by not treating the rubber as I should. Jack straightened me out and the boots were actually able to be repaired and should get me through even more long hunts! After the quality and service Ive experienced through Gumleaf, I cant imagine changing to a new brand anytime soon!

  4. Tom K (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service by Jack. Answered all my questions. Not to mention, the GumLeaf Viking Tex boots feel very comfortable on my feet.

  5. Chris (verified owner)

    I was skeptical about paying this much for rubber boots. My son invested in a pair and I tried them and was instantly sold. Ordered my own pair and I love them. One of the more comfortable pairs of shoes I own. The service from Jack was above and beyond any other retailer I’ve dealt with in years.

  6. Donn Paul

    These boots fit perfectly. No break in, no heel or toe rubbing just great comfort from day 1. I’ve used them in mud and ditch work on my tree farm, hurricane response team duty and quail hunting. My buds show up in muck boots and complain. I just keep moving and grin.

  7. Axel Waldkirch (verified owner)

    Great boot and great customer service. Ordered boots on Friday and got them on Wednesday. Jack was lots of help and great to talk with. I a have a 9 EEE shoe size and rarely find a boot that fits comfortably without either breaking in the shoes or breaking in my feet, but these boots fit wonderfully from the git go. I have had Muck Boots and they leaked, were uncomfortable and constricted my calfs to the point that they cause me to have leg cramps and that was without even having my pants inside the boot. I trained dogs for 7 hours the first day I got the Gumleaf’s. Glad that I bought the them!!!

  8. Shawn Wayment DVM (verified owner)

    Jack was awesome when I bought these boots…Great customer service! I just returned from a woodcock hunt in South Carolina (1/21). We followed pointers 5 to 7 miles in tough terrain and swamp like conditions. My legs hurt like heck but my feet felt great and never got wet. I’d highly recommend Gumleaf boots to anyone! birddogdoc

  9. Philip (verified owner)

    After much deliberation, I finally decided to pull the trigger on a pair of Viking Tex boots. I have owned Muck boots and Lacrosse rubber boots in the past and was disappointed with their lack of durability and comfort. I hunt primarily in NH and CT, which means a lot of briars, thick brush, and swampy areas. These aforementioned brands have not been up to the task. From the moment I opened the box I knew the Viking Tex boots were on a whole another level. The rubber with which they are made is obviously of much higher quality than their competitors and the fit is the most comfortable I have ever found in a rubber boot. I would recommend this boot to any serious upland hunter who is looking for a durable rubber boot that is comfortable enough to hike in all day long. If this is not enough, the Gumleaf team is very responsive to any questions you may have and offer great advice. Thank you Gumleaf for making a great quality boot and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

  10. Nicolr

    I purchased these boots in late winter 5 ago when a different brand of similar neoprene boots gave out after one season. I was frustrated at how quickly boots I used to get long life out of were breaking down with changes to manufacturing. I got this insulated boot for long days of field work in ponds, bushwhacking and clearing forest. I am very happy I got the back gusset on the Viking neo. I don’t have wide calves, but the last weeks of winter were an absolute dream in these boots. I was able to easily reach inside to adjust layers, then close the gusset. The fit stays snug and my layers are in just the right spot. The footbed is so comfortable. I haven’t experienced a thing like it. When I found these boots the price seemed high, but seeing it again before writing my review I thought maybe they had lowered it, because the value had far surpassed the price for comfort and quality craftsmanship in my mind after months of owning them. Finally, I cannot day enough about the customer service I received. Initially it was just fit questions, but when my correspondance with the gum leaf team continued for size exchanges, Jack was so friendly and easy to get ahold of. You feel so taken care of by a specific person. It was simply invaluable! Many thanks gum leaf!

  11. Stephen Lundy

    I have had these boots for 6 months. I wore them all through the summer training dogs and fishing. There are by far the most comfortable rubber boot I have ever worn tried on or anything in between. I have literally walked all day in them for 4 and 5 days straight. The sole is like a work boot and the top rubber fits tight against your foot. In deep mud the boot is very secure to your foot and does not try to come off like all the ones I have had previously. These boots are expensive but three pair pay for themselves. And the comfort is worth every penny. My next pair will be the insulated version.

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