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The farm is tough, so are we.

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Natural Rubber Provides Protection From:





Gumleaf boots are designed for people who spend all day on their feet – like farmers and dairy farmers. Besides the incredible comfort, your legs and feet are protected by 85% natural rubber and its resilient properties in harsh conditions such as mud, manure, sileage and urine. Our farm boots have been tested to over 1 million flexes without cracking. With a just a little daily care, they’ll provide years of service.

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Thank you for the excellent customer service!  O&T Farms is a specialty feed ingredient manufacturing company.  We make things like Omega-3 feed ingredients for poultry, dairy, beef and swine.  The actual ‘Farm’ part of our business is smaller these days as we concentrate on feed, but we still have some farm land and chickens. I want everyone I know to have a pair as they are amazing. I look forward to promoting your boots wherever I can in the US and Canada!
Elan Ange, M.B.A.

Chief Executive Officer, O&T Farms Ltd.

Womens Stable Boots in Three Colors.

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Light Womens Barn Boots with Gusset

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Womens Field Boot Zips in Green


Barn Boots for Women in Green

Viking Tex

Barn Boots for Women in Green


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