Bird Dog Cutlery



The Knife Maker

Steve Greger has been designing and constructing knives for years.  Bird Dog Cutlery are made of the highest quality materials with a detailed focus on form and function.  The knives are not mass produced rather, they are crafted by hand, one at a time, with a focus on quality.  Bird Dog Cutlery are high quality, attractive, handmade knives that are patterned after age-old, proven designs and are purpose built to be multi-functional, reliable tools both in the field as well as at home; whenever a good knife is needed.

Steve’s an avid upland hunter who also hunts waterfowl, deer and turkey.  He trains and hunts with German Shorthair Pointer and Wire Haired Pointing Griffon.  Steve’s also a Senior Judge in NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) as well as a NAVHDA Board Member.  As a life-long outdoor enthusiast, he found store bought, name brand, mass produced knives to be lacking in quality and durability.  Most are made from stainless steel which is softer than a high carbon steel which he uses.  Stainless steel knives lose their edge quickly requiring constant sharpen and/or the use of multiple knives to complete the job at hand.   A high carbon steel blade will better maintain its edge and durability with proper care.  Bird Dog Cutlery, while handsome, is designed for use in the field, not just as a show piece.

True to his passion for raising and hunting with dogs, the mark of a Greger Knife bearing his logo – a German Shorthair Pointer – is found on each blade.

Pocket Knife

The Bird Dog Cutlery Pocket Knife is not your traditional folding knife.  Though designed so it can easily be carried in a hip pocket, knapsack or purse, this is a fixed blade knife.  Why? The folding mechanism on traditional pocket knives wears out and the blades become loose over time. This single blade Pocket Knife is easily carried in a pocket without the bulkiness of a typical multi-blade “Army Knife”.  The Bird Dog Cutlery pocket knife offers all the convenience of a small knife but with a high carbon steel, extremely sharp and durable blade. The Pocket Knife handles are “marble wood”. Each knife comes with a custom, handmade leather sheath that is 4 inches long by 2 inches wide.  The knife itself is 5.625 inches long.

Bird & Trout Knife

Ideal for small game, birds and fish, this is a multi-purpose knife good for fine cuts and/or working in confined areas.  The Bird & Trout knives are made of bocote wood. From end-to-end, it is 7 inches in length. Each knife comes with a custom, handmade leather sheath which is durable and deer hide belt loop which provides strength with greater flexible.

Puukko Knife

The Puukko is Bird Dog Cutlery’s interpretation of a very old knife design that was used by Scandinavian reindeer hunters and herders.  It’s a very straight-forward and functional design.  The Puukko knife alone can be used to completely process game as large as a deer – from butchering to deboning.  It’s strong and extremely sturdy for heavier cutting needs. The Puukko knife handle is made of birdseye maple.  From end-to-end, the knife measure just over 8 inches. Each knife comes with a custom, handmade leather sheath which is durable and deer hide belt loop which provides strength with greater flexible.

Functional Field Knives

Made in the USA

Gumleaf USA offers three (3) styles of custom-made Bird Dog Cutlery knives.  Each has been functionally designed for field use. The knives are made of 1095 high carbon steel because of its strength, durability and edge holding qualities.  You can find fancier, more expensive, show-piece knives but generally won’t see these carried into the great outdoors. Each knife comes with a custom, handmade leather sheath fitted to each style.  Sheaths are from raw leather which is hand cut, finished and hand stitched. Properly maintained, these knives can be passed from generation to generation.

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