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Natural Rubber Provides Protection While:

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Stay Dry & Comfortable

Do you live to cast tiny dry flies to rising trout? How about catching giant fish from little boats? Whether you find your solitude in fly fishing, kayak fishing, or just sitting in a lawn chair on the lake shore, Gumleaf USA has the hook-up for your feet! These natural rubber boots are soft and malleable to provide all day comfortable and dry feet for all your fishing needs.

Natural Rubber

That fish of a lifetime doesn’t happen every day. The more comfortable you are, the longer you can spend on or in the water chasing that leviathan of the deep. Our high natural rubber content and soft-rubber air-filled chambers in the sole provide a level of comfort you wouldn’t expect in a rubber boot. They keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable for that all-day (or all-night) session to keep your focus sharp for when that monster tugs on the end of your line!


If your idea of fun and relaxation is a long hike into the backcountry to cast Pink Squirrels, Zebra midges and Frenchies at native trout, GumleafUSA is where the rubber meets the road! Vibram™ tread to keep your feet firmly planted to the ground, on the boat or in the creek bed, Oh, and they are 100% waterproof for that shallow water wading to find that secret spot!

Keep Your Feet Warm

Kayak fishermen start and end their day with submerged feet when launching and landing. Wrap those toes with a pair of Gumleaf USA boots to keep them dry and warm! If you fish in cool or cold water they are a must have! Wearing waders all day in a kayak is uncomfortable and it can be difficult to regulate your body heat. Wearing Gumleaf USA boots are the perfect solution for added comfort and keeping you on the water year-round!

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We offer a range of Gumleaf USA styles that will fit any budget and make you the envy of all your fishing buds. The happiest fisher will return to home with comfortable and dry feet!  So choose your Gumleaf USA boot and let’s go!!!

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