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Whether celebrating a successful hunt or just trying to take the edge off a cold day, HDP and Gumleaf USA offer a uniquely appropriate way to pack your beverage of choice:  Nice Shots!

Boots for Upland Hunting Montage

Nice Shots are four (4) glass vials with brass, 12 caliber screw tops all handsomely carried in a handmade leather case. A loop on the back of the case makes it easy to attach to your Jaeger leads or to a belt.  Crafted in Denmark by the same family owned business that makes our high quality Jaeger leads, Nice Shots are a convenient, lightweight means for bringing along your favorite beverage – whether that’s a bit of an energy drink or a couple shots of schnapps, bourbon or scotch!  Total volume of the four vials is approximately 2 shots.

For the hunter who’s got everything, here’s a unique and clever gift, whether for yourself or a friend!!

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$60 per set + $10 flat rate for shipping within the continental USA.  Shipping to Canada is available at a $25 flat rate.

Light Upland Hunting Boots Cotton Lined in Forest Green
HDP Jaeger Leads $120.00
Upland Hunting Boots with Zipper

Royal Zip $395.00

Forest Green Upland Hunting Boots with Gusset

Viking Neo $345.00

Neoprene Lined Upland Hunting Boots in Hunter Green

Saxon Classic $295.00

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