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Natural Rubber Provides Protection While You’re Busy:

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Staying Comfortable

Cushioned, Dry Comfort

A great pair of boots is almost as fundamental to surveying as your theodolite, tripod and prism pole! While you’re going boldly where no man had gone before, it’s best to be prepared for mud, streams, swamps, standing water and ticks. Gumleaf boots give your feet an orientation of cushioned, dry comfort. Constructed with soft rubber air-filled chambers under your heel and forefoot, Gumleaf boots set a new grade for all-day comfort and durability that can stand up to any environment. You’ll do a 180 once you’ve experienced our 85% natural rubber compared to lower rubber content boots which crack due to blending with plastics and synthetic materials.

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100% Waterproof

So get plumb, Bob. Grab you and your crew some new Gumleaf boots! Nothing takes the fun out of surveying faster than wet feet. 100% waterproof Gumleaf boots will put the smile back on your face and spring back in your stride. Make sure your guy with the prism pole carries a cell phone because his feet will be so comfortable, he may just keep walking!

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